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"The proper artistic response to Technology is to embrace it as a new window on everything that’s eternally human and to use it with passion, wisdom, fearlessness and joy" – Ralph Lombreglia

With this in mind, TECHPRO was established in 2014 and thrives in today’s volatile marketplace where companies need to continually reinvent themselves to meet new challenges, retain and gain a competitive advantage. Change and the fast pace at which the industry is growing, is forcing service providers from all sectors who form part of, and supply to the industry to come up with new game plans. Technology, changing consumer demands and especially increasing regulatory requirements within the South African labour force is putting pressure on businesses sustainability, which is having a direct impact on supply chains nationally.

TECHPRO success is geared through partnerships with our Clients and believe in transparency in all aspects of our business model.

Mission & Vision


Where like-minded and capable Leaders create opportunities for growth and empowerment through passion and dependability.

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To harness the power of Technology and People to create the most sought-after employer and reputable service provider.

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By focusing on the strategic movements within the industry, TECHPRO has over the short and medium term, gained an accurate view of market conditions as well as opportunities and challenges that businesses expect to encounter.

TECHPRO growth opportunities in these new markets and realizing the need to expand and diversify product ranges, due to increased competition as well as the need to drive down labour costs. By utilizing technology to enhance the human element, TECHPRO reduces the margin for errors and ultimately reduces the exposure to risk.

To overcome this, TECHPRO has patented a product that can record, in real time, the movement of stock and confirm handovers between parties within the supply chain. We have named this the VISUAL AUDIT TRAIL (V.A.T) GANTRY. Although the methodology still needs the human element to move the product, the process is managed by the system, not removing the human element, but enhancing it. By having the system in place, TECHPRO can record live footage of each item verified and packed / loaded, with full investigations to refute any potential claims from Customers.

We have further developed a first of its kind, within South Africa, a fully integrated yet independent verification and reconciliation Electronic Scanning System, that detects and highlights real time variances, shorts, overs and incorrect picks, that will be corrected to ensure our Clients credibility to their Customers.

TECHPRO prides itself with successful applications within;

  • Technology Distribution
  • Consumer Multi-User Facilities
  • High Risk Integration
  • Principle Migrations between 3PL’s
  • Exports – Road, Sea and Air Verification
  • Cross Border Verification

In a nut shell the V.A.T Gantry creates a controlled environment where there is none.

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